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BRIAN PETERS - The Seeds Of Time HARCD021

I was under the impression that Brian Peters was a melodeon and concertina player who sang. This album was an eye opener both in terms of quality and variety of material. He does play the melodeon and concertina and sings to an exceptional standard, but much more than that.

Harry Boardman was an obvious influence on the song and concertina side but where did he get his skill with ballads? For the highlight of the album is 'False Foudrage' where he has married the tune of 'Lord Gregory' to this ballad I had never heard sung before, and added a sympathetic guitar accompaniment. His guitar style is suited to songs. The singing remains prominent with the guitar flowing easily in the background. His version of 'The Lowlands of Holland' gave this song new life.

The tune sets were varied, at times aided by Gordon Tyrrall, George Faux, Mike Nacey and Peader Long, at other times played solo.

There was quite a range of songs including a Nic Jones song 'The Ruins By The Shore' sung by Brian with a great accompaniment on anglo concertina. This song appealed to me in several ways, it's a song, well sung and I could also imagine Nic singing it as I listened.

I can't compare this album to others, in many ways it is quite unique - definitely recommended.

John Muirhead

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This album was reviewed in Issue 2 of The Living Tradition magazine.