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WILL DUKE & DAN QUINN "Wild Boys" Hebe Music HEBECD001

"Wild Boys", is a selection of music and song performed very much in an English style. Indeed very much in a archive or field recording style. No real surprise since John Howson had a hand in the recording and production and the backgrounds of Dan Quinn and Will Duke, include involvement with Flowers and Frolics, Gas Mark 5, Albion Dance Band and The Etchingham Steam Big Band. The material was sourced from the likes of, Scan Tester, Sally Sloane, Teresa Mckay, the Welch family of Bosham and Mr. Rew from Sidbury via the EFDSS.

The music is played on an enjoyable mix of concertinas by Will Duke and melodeons by Dan Quinn, in a fairly free spirited rhythmic English "peck and wait" style which is so different from that of Irish players of the melodeon and anglo 'tina. Some of the songs, "Twenty-one Years on Dartmoor" and "Mary on the Wild Moor", are accompanied and mould well to the instrumentation. The rest of the songs, including, "I've Been a Wild Boy", "The Lakes of Coalflin", "The Orphan Girl" and "Hares on the Old Plantation", are sung in unison, the voices mixing well, adding extra dimension and interest to an already captivating performance.

Peter Fairbairn

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