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GALLIARD "Love and Pleasure" Grasshopper Records HOPCD982

Galliard are Gay and Dave Reay, and they sing and play guitar - well Gay sings and Dave plays guitar. This is their second CD (I think) and, like the first, contains a mixture of jazz standards and folk songs, this time Scottish.

This CD is a step up from the last one. Dave's guitar work is excellent, if a little fussy in places (on "Broom o' the Cowden Knowes" for example). Gay sings nicely - I hate that word but it fits here - a bit too nicely in some places. She could do with a bit more edge to give more variety. She seems more at home on the jazzy tracks and "God Bless The Child" the best of these.

You get value for money with 16 tracks but it needed a bit of quality control - listen to "Red is the Rose" and you'll see what I mean. Also I would have liked another voice on backing vocals rather than multi-tracking to add extra depth.

Final point - the cover is particularly uninspiring and does nothing to make you want to play the CD.

Overall Galliard are not going to set the world on fire but I'm sure they are popular enough to ensure reasonable sales of their CD "Love and Pleasure" and good luck to them.

Dave Beeby

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