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There comes a time in any songwriter's career when it's time to take stock of all your previous material, deciding what is still relevant and what needs to be brought to the attention of newer listeners. This is Steve's attempt and what a good one it is too. Steve has been writing and recording for more years than he probably wants to remember-- at least 30! His most famous song "Slip Jigs & Reels" has been recorded by many, including my favourite version by The House Band and there's even one on the new Peter Bellamy compilation. The version here is as good as any with a clear telling of the story and uncomplicated guitar and whistle backing.

Another big 'hit' is "The Naked Highwayman" so traditional in feel that I'm sure a generation of singers are now claiming it as such. The backing vocals are by Maggie Boyle and serve you remind us of what a good music she made with Steve. I'd not heard "Nowhere to Hide" but the tragic story certainly leaves an impression whilst "Do what you please" has a great laid back feel to it. "Simplicity" is definitely a song of its time, the late 60's and is a song about lost innocence. But there are lots more to enjoy on the collection.

The subtitle says that this is a first collection and I am sure Steve Tiltson has enough material for many more to come, if the 15 tracks here are anything to go by. A welcome addition to the greatest hits section of anyone's CD collection.

Dave Beeby

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This album was reviewed in Issue 36 of The Living Tradition magazine.