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VIN GARBUTT "Word of Mouth" Home Roots Music HRCD013

Vin Garbutt has been around for a long time - three decades or so. Never!! I hear you say. He is now on his "30 Years on the Road" tour so it must be true. This CD has been released to coincide with that. It's as a live performer that he's best known which is, in some ways a pity, because he's a tremendous deliverer of songs as well.

Never one to shirk the issue or avoid controversy, Vin has put together an album which has its fair share of thought provoking subjects ranging from the Falklands war, prostitution in Bangkok, the problems facing the North Sea fishermen and, inevitably, Ireland. Some have been in his live set for some time but none have been recorded before, and all have that distinct "Vin" feel, probably because the tunes are instantly recognisable as his. You don't have to agree with the points being made but you are challenged to listen and make your own mind up. Don't buy this if you want an easy, comfortable time - Vin does not allow this.

The quality of sound is excellent, as is the backing - both vocally and instrumentally.

Some of the songs have been written by Vin whilst, in true folk style, others have been "collected" - not from source singers!!! but from floor singers. So that is how the folk process is developing.

A truly fine album of thought provoking material from one of the best around. Highly recommended.

Dave Beeby

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This album was reviewed in Issue 33 of The Living Tradition magazine.