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STEVE TILSTON "Live Hemistry" Hubris Records HRCD03

A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of reviewing Steve's previous release on the Hubris Records. The Greening Wind was a collection of songs from his earlier days. I think I wrote about taking stock and looking forward to his next collection- if you want to check it's still on the LT archive. What we have here on Live Hemistry is a collection of 15 songs recorded live, many during the early part of last yearas support to Fairport Convention. Some songs were new to me but the familiar 'hits' are there as well - Slip Jigs.... and Naked Highway of course.

Steve has a fantastic voice and is a fine performer of songs being able to bring out the poetry in them, always sincere and never anything less than passionate. To me he is up there among the likes of Steve Knightly, James Keelaghan and Pete Morton in the way he leaves you thinking about the song long after that track has finished. All songs --apart from It's Now or Never on which he is joined by Fairport - are accompanied by Steve himself, showing what a fine guitarist he is. The title Live Hemistry refers to the fact that the tracks have been recorded on both sides of the world. The recording is clear, and it's difficult to believe that it is a series of live recordings. If I have any criticism it is that there is a slight disjointedness because of the variety of venues used - but this is far outweighed by the quality. I think the song selection complements Greening Wind to showcase Steve's ability and style. It should prove popular at his gigs, details of which should be available on his website, as should be details about where else Live Hemistry can be bought. Well worth a listen to.

Dave Beeby

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This album was reviewed in Issue 48 of The Living Tradition magazine.