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CALEDON "Noble Trousers" Hypertension HYCD297169

The press release for this excellent CD, is a typical understatement, says that Caledon are an 8 piece band formed for one concert, but luckily have been together ever since. At a time when supergroup is oft used here is a real super group with members from some of the best in Scotland - Poozies, Sileas, Clan Alba and Ceolbeg, among others.

The music is rooted in the tradition but with new arrangements, as you would expect with any line-up that includes Patsy Seddon and Mary MacMaster providing their distinctive electric harps and vocals to this album. The lead vocals are in the capable hands (a daft way to put it - sorry) of Davey Steele. He really is on good form especially on Ewan McColl's "Exile's Song". There's also some lovely fiddle from Eilidh Shaw, of Urban Ri I think, steady bass from Gregg Borland and Mike Travis' non-intrusive drumming. That just leaves the wonderful pipe playing of Rory Campbell.

There's no point in going through the tracks just to say that there isn't a bad one. My favourite are the tunes but the waulking songs stand out.

"The Noble's Trousers" has throughout the CD a fun feel to it with the band seeming to enjoy themselves. Given the class of those in it, I hope that it is possible to tour and not just in Scotland. I'm sure it will sell well given the right exposure.

Hopefully Dave Tulloch will be fit and well to join them and on their next album.

Dave Beeby

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