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- "Giant"- IRCD 066


Despite the juvenile name, the Tartan Amoebas have matured nicely into a seriously trendy outfit. On most of the tracks on Giant what you hear is a sophisticated talented soul band, which just happens to have some, of the currently very fashionable, Celtic influence running through it. As the brass section gets funky, the bass starts laying down a mainline groove and the only appropriate words seem to be jazz, funk fusion, and it's great.

The only black spot on the scene is the Great Highland Bagpipe, which for the most part is as welcome as a politician on your doorstep. The pipe tunes just don't fit with the shaft-like rhythms that the rest of the band are playing (Are you feeling OK Chris? - Ed). For the most part this CD is a gorgeous fusion of soul, jazz and Celtic sounds, which funks with the best of them. A lazy pace and super smooth production gives the CD a gloriously mellow feel, which gets shattered every time the pipes burst in. With the host of good grooves on this CD the Amoebas are turning sweetly into a quality outfit (with major league potential). Shame about the pipes though.

Chris Mackenzie


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