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LOU KILLEN - "A Seaman's Garland" - Knockout Productions K004

This is No. 2 of a 3 volume series under the rubric "Sailors, Ships & Shanteys" brought out by Louis (named here as Lou) Killen from his HQ in Washington State, USA.

As ever, he sings with energy and conviction, relishing both the melodies and the words of a set of songs covering the Sailors, Ships and Chanteys theme admirably. Would that some - dare I say, most - of our newer singers demonstrate such understanding.

Some of the titles are familiar, but the Killen treatment keeps them from being mundane. Take "Three Score and Ten" for instance, the crisp delivery rescuing the song from the maudlin drawl that it usually gets. Check out "Greenland Bound", or "Brave Admiral Benbow", especially the latter. Nobody is better at this kind of song.

I reviewed Vol. 1 of this series in LT issue 18, Nov/Dec '96, saying then "that's how it should be done". Quite truthfully, I could have done this review by simply stating the same. Here's to Vol. 3!

Roy Harris

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This album was reviewed in Issue 25 of The Living Tradition magazine.