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Triskell - Daou
TRISKELL - "Daou" - Keltia Musique KMCD83

Essentially a four-piece Breton band, driven by brothers Herve and Pol Queffeleant on celtic harps, with Mickael Cozien and Patrick Audouin, plus lots of guests. They play an eclectic, generously interpreted, mix of Celtic-based music, with traditional Breton, Scottish, and Irish tunes and songs interspersed with their own compositions - and their range even extends to a Japanese song "Aux Consonances Celtiques"!

The opening track, "Milig", starts gently enough, then works itself round into a version of a "Bagade" with cornemuse and batterie ecossaise - stirring stuff. Elsewhere we have the gentle lyricism of the harps; a composition for tin-whistle with a North African style percussion; a choral piece; and acapella singing.

The two harp compositions which make up "Cap Sur L'Infin" are related to the voyage of St Brendan, and they are excellent, the playing is exquisite, as it is on "My Bonnie Moorhen" one of two suites of Scottish origin. It is the harp that carries the album, and I found that much of the other stuff actually detracts from that. There is a terrific interpretation of "Eleanor Plunket", a stunning piece of playing, but the following tracks starts off with a strange, avant-garde, percussion which just destroys the mood completely. I think the CD suffers from trying to cover too much ground, giving insufficient space to really do justice to any of the styles and techniques showcased. The album has much that is interesting and worthy but it is all somehow self-conscious with a mix rather than a blend of material which, in the end, I found irritating - a great shame because much of the album is really good when taken in isolation. Play it one track at a time!

Mel Howley

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