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MIKE RAVEN "Gypsy English" Own label - MR81

'Gypsy English' is a nickname given to Mr. Raven to describe his English and flamenco influences (it sez here) some time ago. It certainly highlights his catholic tastes in music - this is a mixture of well-known 'folk' tunes ("Shepherd O Shepherd", "Glendower's Jig", "Anarchie (sic) Gordon"), European tunes, things written in traditional style by our man and mostly available in one or more of the huge number of music books available from him. His incredibly prolific output is probably due to his recording technique - one take for each track, no editing and no post- recording fiddling about. This requires good technique and steady nerves and Mike Raven clearly has both! In truth, this unadorned, solo guitar CD is probably of more interest to those wanting to add Mike Raven's arrangements to their own repertoires than to the casual listener - but a skilled and impressive recording nonetheless.

Alan Murray

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This album was reviewed in Issue 39 of The Living Tradition magazine.