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THE CUTTING EDGE "Turning the Tide" Ninegaites Music NGCD1007

This is a CD which kept finding its way back into my player time after time. Not just because of the quality of the music - which is excellent - but also because of the overall feel of the material and the way in which it's played here. The tunes are fairly driven along, with lots of swing and energy, but with just enough restraint to retain the integrity of the music.

The Cutting Edge comprise Paul Anderson, fiddle; George Carmichael, accordion; James Gordon, drums and percussion; Derick Mitchelson, keyboards; and Angus Wares, guitars, mandolin and tiple. All combine in a tight, cohesive sound, with everyone blending and balancing to great effect.

The sets of tunes are a good mixture of traditional and traditional-style, with a few from the respective pens of the Cunningham brothers and the band's own George Carmichael, and the treatments include occasional forays into reggae and salsa styles as well as more traditional Scottish approaches.

Infectious, lively, good-going and well-balanced material all round, and these guys have certainly got the knack of injecting their own sheer pleasure and enthusiasm into their performance. I'd love to hear them live, but in the meantime the CD seems to have found its way back into my player, so let's have another listen!

Gordon Potter

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This album was reviewed in Issue 27 of The Living Tradition magazine.