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JO FREYA & FI FRASER "The Fraser Sisters" No Masters NMCD12

This is an interesting album from the "No Masters" co-operative, which was formed by John Tams and Jim Boyes in 1990. Unfussy and unpretentious, it is a collection of songs and tunes which, even if not dusty with age, have the "feel" of the tradition about them. "The Lowlands of Holland", for example, was learnt from Annie Power and it has that comfortable sound of a folk song which has been passed down the decades. All the material is delivered with care and clarity and when they harmonise the duo have the same relaxed freedom you find in the McGarrigles. "Hold Back the Tide" by John Tams is a prime example.

Overall, though, it's the charming simplicity of the album which shines through. Easy-going tunes with robust lyrics, the Fraser Sisters have produced an album which deserves an audience.

Fred Redwood

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This album was reviewed in Issue 29 of The Living Tradition magazine.