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Pigs Whisker PWMD5020

From the fey end of the folk-revival. Clive Palmer's work with the Incredible String Band, the Famous Jug Band and C.O.B. still stands up today, but then when you listen to it you are aware it was music of the late 60s. So, will his whimsicalities and oddities stand up to the scrutiny of the late 1990s?

True, this was originally recorded in 1978 but I still worried what it might sound like. I need not have done. While all those adjectives still apply, Palmer and Devereaux had ironed out - well I suppose you call it - sixtiesness. It could almost be Robin Williamson meets Ivor Cutler.

Devereaux deals mainly in the spoken word; poetry and a bit of storytelling. Palmer gives us some straight versions of Dylan's ''Girl from the North Country" and the traditional "House Carpenter". This is more of a poetry event than a musical event; understated, but insinuating itself into the mind. Ideal if you are fed up with songs and tunes and there is nothing on the radio.

Bob Harragan

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