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Ewan McColl - The Legend of Ewan McColl
EWAN MacCOLL "The Legend of Ewan MacColl" Reactive Masters REMCD514

Well not exactly the complete legend of Ewan MacColl. The legend, the story, the man and his work is a complex tale that has many, as yet, untold chapters. This CD contains just some of his verses.

The material here was recorded in the middle eighties and is mostly a reworking of many of his better known songs. Some listeners may find these versions over smooth, as they contain little of the lusty, unfettered style that awoke and shook so many audiences but they do go someway towards reclaiming and redefining songs that had been virtually hi-jacked and re-routed by other performers.

Included among the eighteen songs recorded here are, "The Shoals of Herring", "Dirty Old Town", "The Manchester Rambler", "The Moving-on Song", "Ballad of Accounting", "Kilroy Was Here" and "The Joy of Living". There is much to enjoy on this CD, particularly the fine accompaniments, but check out some of his earlier work for the sound of the real MacColl.

Peter Fairbairn

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