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VARIOUS ARTISTS "Salty Tales" Royal National Lifeboats Institution RNLI01CD

Storytelling and CDs are still a rare pairing in the British Isles though they are beginning to appear in the States. So, Taffy Thomas on CD eh - wow!!

Well, it has to be said that Taffy only appears on four of the thirteen tracks but there's lots of other good things besides and all the profits are going to swell the coffers of the RNLI!! Taffy has long been a major influence in my life and he is one of the people who set me on the path to telling stories for a living. I delight in hearing his tales "in the flesh" and I'm pleased to report that they've been caught very well in the studio. Having said that, Taffy is first and foremost a live performer and, just may be, it would have been better recorded in front of a live audience?

Certainly one track is 'live' and that features Tommy Morrisey and Charlie Pitman (my father-in-law was at school with him - I've a photo to prove it). They're recorded by John Howson; leading the singing in a pub and it's a cracker of a track. Other than that - well, Tim Laycock is in excellent voice as always and he gets help from the likes of The Keelers, Mike Harding and Taffy's daughter Aimee.

All in all, a smashing CD and very much to be recommended though I'd have appreciated a couple more stories.

Richard Walker

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