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ALLAN TAYLOR "Looking for You" Stockfish RTD357

Some people have voices you never forget, Dick Gaughan, Norma Waterson, Peter Bellamy, Martin Carthy, Robb Johnson, Bob Pegg to name but a few. One who falls into that category is Allan Taylor. I first saw Allan in the late 70's and apart from a borrowed copy of one of his albums I've heard nothing of him since. So imagine my surprise when this dropped through my letter box.

Here we have a musical journey through songs Allan has written over the last twenty+ years performed by the basic band of Allan himself on vocal and Martin D28 guitar, Chris Jones on Lakewood Guitar, and Frank Fielder on electric and acoustic bass. The whole CD only took four days to record and a good recording it is, clear vocals and sympathetic musical backings.

The songs are obviously personal but not exclusive and I'm sure you will have shared some of the experiences. It's great late night music to listen to with something warm, but it the lyrics also stand more careful scrutiny.

But there is one problem though. Over the years other musical influences and experiences have crept in and his voice has changed - or my memory of his voice has. The phrasing of the vocals and the expression remind me of another singer guitarist who has had much more fame. I'm not saying who, you'll have to get the CD to see if you agree.

It is a good album and deserves more play it will probably get. I'm not sure how available this is, I get the impression it 's more for the European market. But it's good to hear him again and I wish I'd bought that album all those years ago.

Dave Beeby

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