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OYSTERBAND "Here I Stand" Running man RUNMANCD101

A new CD from the Oysters, a move to their own label, and a few special guests. I'm always a bit worried when a band you've come to love have to resort to using extra personnel (Are the Chieftains still the Chieftains?) as it sometimes means they are running out of ideas ... but no such worries here. Make no mistake this is still those rootsy rockers!!! All the normal musical diversity is here but there is a noticeable progression from their previous excellent "Deep Dark Ocean". As usual the words are original and stand close examination - I love the thought of Ronald McDonald's head between two bits of bread - but are still accessible. There's some great arrangements especially the use of Chopper's cello which seems to get heavier with each CD.

But back to those guests. I'm not going to name them all, I'll just mention two. Chumbawamba provide excellent wall of sound vocals on "This is the Voice" - singalong with a message... and there's a lovely duet on "Street of Dreams" with Rowen Godel, a young singer who I know nothing about except that she can sing!!!

Whilst this album makes a definite move forward, there is a feel of looking back as well. It maybe that the Oysters are about to make that leap they've been threatening for sometime now, or it could be that they are just getting older. Whatever, this is a fine album proving again that they are the best and still possess the ability to create telling music.

There is no need to tell you to go out and buy it because, by the time you read this, the Oysters will have done the rounds of festivals and you'll already have bought "Here I Stand". If you haven't where have you been all summer?

Dave Beeby

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