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JAC-Y-DO "Bant A'R Cart" Sain Recordings SCD2179

This album is certainly "away with the cart"! Wherever there's a festival in South Wales, you'll be surprised if this group aren't there! Their energy surpasses most Twmpath (Welsh Ceilidh) bands and are probably the more frequently booked! There is a great deal of Welsh humour in this album, as is with their stage act. They have a large following and have already become a household name, not only amongst the folk dancing fraternity. This is their third CD and probably their best yet.

Not only can you sit and listen to this one you can get up and dance to it - if you're quick enough! They not only have the guts to play at incredible speeds - but to use Irish song tunes with Welsh lyrics ... this is normally frowned upon. But in all honesty, they have a very good singer with a beautifully smooth voice who carries this off really well. The songs have been well chosen but I feel that some of the Welsh tunes could be a little slower paced.

There are some nice harmonies and counter-melodies between flute and fiddle which is a trait of Welsh folk music and song, but at those speeds there's no telling the lead instruments apart. Nice bit of flute on "Annie's Song" - their tribute to John Denver ... not strictly Welsh but as enjoyable as James Galway's cover.

They started off as a Twmpath band and strictly speaking haven't shaken off the overcoat of playing for dancers. If they dumped the rattling and shaking percussion and attempted more of the off beat stuff, then I think they'd be much better.

My mother would like this CD for her birthday with a box of chocolates!

J. Gwenllian

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This album was reviewed in Issue 29 of The Living Tradition magazine.