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Delyth Jenkins Ar Y Ffin SCD2206

This collection of Celtic Harp Music from Delyth Jenkins is a delight. It contains 15 tracks (over fifty minutes) of fine playing which encompasses classical and traditional music and contemporary pieces by Delyth herself and her current crop of musical collaborators.

Despite living in Wales for more than ten years my untutored tongue will still not wrap easily around some of the Welsh Titles, but that matters not. Repeated playing of this CD has revealed a Harp that was, by turns, relaxing, contemplative and moving. This is music that wraps around you in a compelling way.

After a while I found myself acknowledging the invaluable contribution of the other musicians, particularly Cris Haines (Trumpet) and Pete Stacey (low whistle). Delyth will be known by some as part of the pioneering Welsh band ABERJABBER. This will put a rubber stamp on her pedigree as a musician, but this collection shows a side to her playing which is, for me, new and welcome. The Bi-Lingual sleeve notes and cover lend this CD a slightly academic feel which may be found daunting by some. Do not be deterred. The music of Delyth Jenkins deserves to be heard by a wider audience.

If you are a confirmed fan of the Celtic Harp.or just this out and listen. You will not be disappointed.

Phil Thomas

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This album was reviewed in Issue 36 of The Living Tradition magazine.