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GWERINOS "Lleuad Llawn" Sain SCD2221

When I got this CD, I didn't quite know what to expect. I've seen Gwerinos live and they always get the crowds going with their foot stomping stuff, ("Lleuad Llawn" - Full Moon) so I got a bit of a shock when I played it - it's not for the purist!

This CD is hilarious! I was amused all the way through it. Their songs have been written from some very personal experiences of Welsh life. There's a lot of energy generated by this group of accomplished musicians and is represented by a wide cross-section of styles.

The first track is well put together. A set of Welsh reels which are "a commodity rarer than conservative MPs"! One of the singers (there are three) does a very good impression of Leonard Cohen, on the third track. The final track had me in stitches, and would go against the grain of the Welsh National Eisteddfod Establishment! Based on one of the main organ pieces played at Yr Orsedd (meeting of druids - those people in green, blue and white frocks with matching wellies - it always rains at the Eisteddfod!) crossed with vocals from the chorus of the Volga Boat Men sung by the Muppets!

Not all the tracks are full of jolly japes, there are some beautiful songs too - but they still manage to make me smile. The humour within is a typically Welsh folk thing and not to everyone's taste but as a refreshing change to the norm - Welsh speakers will enjoy what's intended in this recording - Full Moon Lunacy!

Sian Phillips

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