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JON BRINDLEY "Something Calling" Shamrock Records SHAMCD001

Anyone from Wigan is on a loser as far as I'm concerned, me being from Bradford (Super League rivalry!!!) - so Jon has got no chance of a good review. But being the true professional that I am I'll give it a go.

Jon is in his mid to late 20s, and works mostly in the North West of England. On this, his first CD he shows that he is not a bad fiddle player and can sing a bit too. For me he is at his best on his own songs, which fill about half the album. I've got no particular favourites and all are strong songs.

There's a great version of Guthrie's "Deportees" and Dylan's "Dark Eyes", but nothing is added to "Sonny's Dream".

Jon plays not only the folk clubs but the pubs as well, and I feel that he should save things like the absolutely awful "Twa' Recruiting Sergeants" for the pubs. The mixture of accents really grates "cum awar wi meee", no leave it alone Jon!!

This album shows a lot of promise, a young singer who has got some mature songs of his own. I'm sure Jon is available for festivals and clubs. He can be contacted via Shamrock records where you'll get Seamus Hefferman, responsible for getting Jon into the studio, and for the excellent quality of the recording.

This is a good debut if you use the programme facility on the CD player, and well worth a listen. His next I'm really looking forward to, especially if the quality of product and performance remain the same, and Jon comes up with some more of his own material.

Dave Beeby

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