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JOHN CARTY "Yeh, That's All It Is" SHANACHIE 78034

A splendid album of very accomplished fiddle music from the very talented John Carty. John Carty is a one time (1982) Senior All-Ireland banjo champion, is considered a first class flute player and on the evidence of this CD is an excellent exponent of the tenor guitar. Is it fair that one man has so much talent and others (me) so little?

On this CD John plays fine tunes with skill, flair and feeling with stylish ornamentation and coaxing a great tone from his fiddle. Though well versed in the music of the West of Ireland, and there are traces of this style in his playing he makes the music all his own. The notes state that John plays a "right handed " fiddle while he is left-handed this makes his skill all the more remarkable.

On 'Yeh, that's All It Is' John does not play the banjo or flute but he does give us a few tunes on the tremor guitar. These are played with the same panache that he brings to the fiddle and bring an unusual variety to the programme. Brian McGrath - keyboards and banjo and Arty McGlynn - guitars provide appropriate accompaniments throughout.

It might have been nice to have heard a little of John's banjo and flute playing, next time perhaps, even so this is a very good CD and I highly recommend it to everyone interested in fiddle music.

Danny Saunders

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