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CAPERCAILLIE "To the Moon" Survival Records SURCD 019

This band have come a long way from Oban High School - but still seem to be frighteningly close to their roots.

Karen Matheson recently stated that the band never had any kind of political crusade. However, what does come across in almost every track, is an overt pride in their cultural roots - and not a forced jingoistic stance but a natural Gaelic confidence which is their trademark and most endearing. The notable exception to this is the Latin-influenced "Why Won't You Touch Me". The production is, as always, of a consistently high standard - obviously the result of many hours slaving over a mixing desk - they can probably afford it (this band are one of Scotland's greatest exports). And it appears that a solo album is imminent from Ms Matheson - my haven't they been busy!

Although I do love this album, I will not be playing it in the car - I'd be afraid to end up in a ditch or somebody's garden (yes it is pretty laid back stuff!).

Grem Devlin

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This album was reviewed in Issue 15 of The Living Tradition magazine.