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ALLAN TAYLOR "Faded Light" T Records TCD005

This CD is class - genuine class from a singer who must be one of the most underrated around. If there was any justice the name of Allan Taylor would be top of the bill. He is an artist, a poet, a singer, call him what you like, but he has the ability to paint pictures using the minimum of words, pictures which demand closer study.

"Faded Light" is not for the feint-hearted, or those wanting wallpaper music, you've got to listen. I found myself reading the words whilst listening, the songs almost demanded this of me. The mood is set by the cover, the yellow light reflected on the downward looking face in the middle of blackness. The images in the songs are sombre but not without hope.

We are taken on a voyage of experiences, personal to Allan but available for all of us to share. Right from the first track the images come alive in the 'faded light' of "The Merlin Cafe". All our unfulfilled dreams are identified in "Let's go to Paris", whilst the ability to imagine ourselves as someone else is explored in "Urban Lovesong".

The standout track, for me, is "Simple Truths" dealing with the Father/Son relationship, almost reducing me to tears and deserves to be widely heard. The words convey so much meaning in so short a space. An excellent track.

The backing is just that, backing, only occasionally being allowed to punctuate the words, but is of the highest quality. Chris Leslie's fiddle during "The Meadow" is particularly good, but what would you expect?

This is not a new work having been recorded in 1995 - but I can't recommend it enough. A fine album from one of the finest singer/songwriters around.

Dave Beeby

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