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- "Unplugged and Unrelated" - TCSCD1003

Huw Williams has demonstrated many times before, his extraordinary gift of songwriting - the ability to match words and music together perfectly and to present either description and narrative so accurately yet concisely. His touch is as sure as ever in this new collection of songs.

For this record, Huw and Tony have expanded their group from guitar and double bass to include acoustic lead guitar and percussion. They usually find room for an instrumental and this time Huw has looked back to their early days as a duo playing Shetland tunes. He has created an atmospheric air, The Crying Shore, Tony playing piano and the melody shared between Huw on recorder and Phil Beer guesting on fiddle.

Huw takes you back in time to present Jack of Kent, a mythical Welsh figure who outwitted the Devil, and the dramatic account of the Chartist crusade. He can also introduce you to celebrities. In Blue China you meet a saddened Oscar Wilde awaiting inevitable arrest and disgrace, whilst Amy Johnson tries to escape her adoring fans by taking to the air once again in Touch the Blue.

Huw and Tony's live act always displays their well-developed sense of humour. This does not usually find its way onto record, but there is just a taste of it in Lenny Next Door, a little light-hearted nonsense. In a different vein, Take Me Home is a sentimental Country and Western waltz that somehow escapes being maudlin. The final song is the sad, slow Jezebel, with melancholy harmonica. That would have brought the CD to a rather sombre conclusion, were it not for a brief reprise waiting to surprise you at the end!

Henry Peacock

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