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Huw and Tony Williams have already released half a dozen records. Wonderful as they are, there has always been one element missing - the humour of their performances. If you have had the pleasure of seeing Huw and Tony in concert, you will already know that a great deal of amusing banter goes on between them. Then there are the comical songs which are usually omitted from the albums.

This live recording sets matters right! The songs here could well be called their Greatest Hits. Some people might quibble over this particular selection of fifteen songs, but all the essential songs are here - the inspiring "I Can Jump Puddles", "Rosemary's Sister" with Huw's open-tuned guitar in counterpart and "People of the Heavens", the notes of Tony's double bass adding extra depth to the lyrics.

"The Morse Code Song" is a light-hearted song with a chug-a-chug rhythm that appears on record for the first time. Does the chat have to be on the albums? asks Tony. Of course, it does! The introductions are as much a part of the act as the songs. We hear Huw's study of Welsh accents and tales of his artful Auntie Florrie. Best of all, leading into the "Pterodactyl Two-Step", is his unique method of playing the melodeon as a typewriter, an inspired five minute flight into surrealism.

Tony is still complaining as we leave them. He needn't worry. The boys from the valleys have done well, very well indeed.

Henry Peacock

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This album was reviewed in Issue 23 of The Living Tradition magazine.