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Martin Carthy - "A Collection" - Topic TSCD750

A matchless collection from Martin Carthy MBE. Soloist, duoist and an integral part of many collectives and bands including the aforementioned Steeleye. Martin Carthy has been part and parcel of the folk music world since the early sixties. A constant source of inspiration through his guitar work and singing style, his influence on other performers can only be guessed at.

Here is someone who truly measures up to his legend and is worthy of the praise that has been brought to his door. Some of the evidence to back up these statements can be found on this CD. Two songs have been taken from each of his six albums originally released on Polygram, between 1965 and 1971. All are classic tracks from classic albums but included are, "The Bloody Gardener", "The Bold Poachers", "Davy Lowston", "Polly on the Shore", "Seven Yellow Gypsies" and "Lord Franklin". The arrangements are sparse and lean; the interpretations cut straight to the chase. Great stuff indeed.

Peter Fairbairn

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This album was reviewed in Issue 35 of The Living Tradition magazine.