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John Wynne "With Every Breath I Take" - UPROS Music CD001

John Wynne is a member of "Providence", perhaps that's a good omen. I don't know why most left-handed flute-players are so good, but this guy's outstanding. This is all good stuff; fine driving flute-playing from Co. Roscommon. Wynne's fluent style is typical of North Connacht; he plays E flat and D flutes, low F and standard whistles; and there's a great balance of tunes, tempo, and pace.

Track 8 is cracker of a reel set; "Martin Wynne's #1, 2, and 3". This duet with his friend Terry Crehan on fiddle shows the empathy that grows from playing together. Track 11 is a fine flute duet that turns into a trio; Wynne, his sister, and his fiancee. Apart from the jigs and reels, there's a neat version of "George Brabazon", and a reel arrangement of "Pachelbel's Frolics" that stands comparison with Eileen Ivers' version. There's a fine slow air that I've not heard before, but will hear a lot more of in future.

Wynne pays grateful tribute to great musicians like Paddy Ryan and the late Josie McDermott; some day someone will do the same to himself. Accompaniment, on various stringed and skinned things, is tasteful and never overpowering. Special praise must be given to Seamus O Kane for his sensitivity on bodhran. This is the way it's supposed to be played; so you're aware of it without noticing it.

I could rave on about this, so I'd better stop now. Just buy it; all in all this could be a classic flute album. Definitely a "Best Buy".

Mick Furey

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