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Shetland Dialect - "Language of the Fiddle" - Veesik Records VKCD001

It is always a great pleasure to know of a musical tradition that is not in decline. This heartwarming CD not only confirms that the Shetland Fiddle Tradition is healthy but very robust indeed.

The sleeve notes, by Catriona MacDonald state that this CD is a "celebration of some of the best young fiddlers and fiddle based bands in the islands today" this is no idle boast. There are no duff tracks here, marvellous music from start to finish.

The artistes range from unaccompanied solo fiddle and duo's to four and five piece bands, all of whom play with great skill and feeling. There is also plenty of variety in the tunes they play, some are new, some are very old and not all of them come from Shetland. They are all well arranged and played with great individuality, but all in the unmistakable Shetland style.

Over the years several albums of Shetland Fiddle music have been released, Aly Bain, Tom Anderson, Willie Hunter, etc., "Shetland Dialect" sits comfortably alongside all of them.

This is a very welcome release bringing us up to date with a wonderful living tradition.

Danny Saunders

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