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FIONA DAVIDSON "The Language of Birds" Watercolour Music WCMCD017

The combined richness and power of spoken word, story, song, harp and mystery spring eternal through the seemingly effortless art of Fiona Davidson. A modern bard, she draws on Scots/Irish/Gaelic legends and language with stories such as "Deirdriu of the Sorrows" and "The Call of the Fianna" as well as some of her own original tale-telling to delight both the ear and the imagination. Confined to the distancing purity of the CD format, the ultimate power of shared-experience storytelling is difficult to reproduce without the benefits of a live storytelling session recording when that intimate audience/performer relationship blossoms. However, this drawback is overcome by Davidson's choice of song and story, her entrancing sense of pace and her splendid delivery.

John Rice

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This album was reviewed in Issue 32 of The Living Tradition magazine.