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Mearcstapa - MATS022CD

Pete Castle - The Outlandish Knight
Steel Carpet Music MATS024 CD - 2003

The Outlandish Knight" sees a selection of fairly well known traditional songs given the Castle treatment, nothing flash, nothing startlingly original, just the solid, workmanlike performances for which Castle is rightly celebrated around the clubs.

Tracks: Green Brooms, The Dark Eyed Gypsy, The Outlandish Knight, Be Polite Be Kind (Story), Banks Of Sweet Primroses, As I Roved Out, Basket Of Eggs, Rambling Sailor, Death & The Lady, Maramures Funeral Song, 3 Men Went A-Hunting, The 3 Sillies (Story), 3 Maidens A-Milking Did Go

Mearcstapa - MATS022CD

Pete Castle - Tapping At The Blind
Steel Carpet Music MATS025 CD - 2003

"Tapping At The Blind" might have benefited from the reactions of a live audience. However, the studio recording does have an undeniable immediacy and combines with Castle's unedited little fluffs to convey the impression that the teller is recounting his frequently bizarre tales in your own living room.

Tracks: Tapping At The Blind, The Maestro, The Armless Maiden, The Man In The Woods (Song), The Woman Who Married A Bear, The Bear Dance, At Last We're Alone.

Mearcstapa - MATS022CD

Pete Castle - The Jenny & The Frame & The Mule
Steel Carpet Music MATS023CD 2000

A story of Richard Arkwright & Cromford Mill Told In Song And Story By Pete Castle

Tracks: Cromford Alphabet, The Jenny & The Frame & The Mule, The Wonders Of The Peak, The Factory Girl, Sponners V. Weavers, The Handweaver & The Factory Maid, As For The Ladies, Pick A Bale Of Cotton, Rool The Cotton Down, Edward Pepper - Child Labourer, Fear Of The Mob, Snuff Box Song, Wind The Bobbin Up, Crooker, The Good Old English Cup Of Tea, Richard Arkwright Is My Name, The Cotton Mills Now At Comford.

Mearcstapa - MATS022CD

Pete Castle - Mearcstapa
Steel Carpet Music MATS022 CD/MC - 1999

With the group Popeluc Pete and Lucy explored and interlinked English and Transylvanian music. This album takes the 'European accent' one stage further.

Tracks: Buckworth May Song, Through Lonesome Woods, The Cuckoo, Birth of Robin Hood, Maramures Lullaby, Venezuela, The Irish Girl, Fanny Blair, The Rogues March, Bitter Withy, Brunton Town, The Rosebud in June, The Trees they grow so high, Flash Company, Buckworth May song (reprise)

Apples, Cherries, Hops and Women - MATS019CD

Various Artists - Apples, Cherries, Hops and Women
Steel Carpet Music MATS019 CD - 1998


Tracks: The Pilgrims Way, Captains Ward, A Sergeant on the Wagon Train, For Ron, The Hardy Flint, The Aylesbury Girl, The Woodside, The Cobbler and the Butchers Wife, The Crockery Ware, P.Y.O, The Samphire Girl, The Old Miser.

Blue Dor - MATS013CD

Popeluc - Blue Dor
Steel Carpet Music MATS013 CD - 1996

Tracks: Iza Valley medley, Reynardine, Unde aud cucu cintind, Invirtitas, When I Hear the Cuckoo Calling, De baut ca ia ieud, Ma graie lumea pin sat, Horea miresii, Jocul steagului, Jack Orion/Barbatese din Sapinta, Dupa una beau si doua, Lemeny, Live invirtitas, Saraca inima mea.

False Waters - MATS012CD

Pete Castle - False Waters
Steel Carpet Music MATS012 CD - 1995

Tracks: The Poisoned Cup, Here comes St. Catherine, The Lake of Coolphin, Willie Moore, Rosie Ann, The Folkstone Murder, New London St/New Rigged Ship, The Lads they'd been a-drinking, Noble Lord Hawkins, Cruel Mother/A Lupului, Down in Yon Forest, Concerning of 3 young men, Adieu to Old England, The Traveller Homeward Bound.

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THE JENNY THE FRAME & THE MULE The Story of Richard Arkwright and Cromford Mill. MATS023CD 2000

MEARCSTAPA Steel Carpet Music MATS022 CD/mc 1999

GOLDEN VANITEE Steel Carpet Music MATS017 CD/mc 1997
(Folk songs for children)

GIRLS & BOYS COME OUT TO PLAY Steel Carpet Music MATS016 CD/mc 1997
(Folk songs for very young children)

XTRACTED Steel Carpet Music MATS015CD 1997
(A ‘best of’ from several previous albums now released on CD)

FALSE WATERS Steel Carpet Music MATS012 CD 1995

with Popeluc

BLUE DOR Steel Carpet Music MATS013 CD 1996

various artist compilations

APPLES, CHERRIES, HOPS & WOMEN Steel Carpet Music MATS019 CD/mc 1998
(Folk songs from Kent vol 2)

THE KEYS OF CANTERBURY Steel Carpet Music MATS010CD 1994
(Folk songs from Kent vol.1)

THE DERBY RAM Steel Carpet Music MATS008CD 1993
(Folk songs from Derbyshire)