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The Water of Life Buy this CD online from The Listening Post

NEW CD. The Water of Life - released May 2003. Robin's second CD of whisky songs makes him Scotland's WHISKY BARD.

The Whisky Muse

'THE WHISKY MUSE' - Scotch Whisky in Poem and Song
by Robin Laing -
illustrated by Bob Dewar

Published in January 2002, The Whisky Muse is the most extensive collection ever of Scottish poems and songs about whisky.

  • Over 200 pages crammed with culture and commentary about our national drink
  • 95 songs and poems about Scotch whisky
  • 50 tunes at the back of the book
  • 58 classic illustrations by the talented Bob Dewar

It has taken a long time to realise this project but I think it has been worth the wait and so far feedback has been very encouraging. The book sells for £12.99 in the shops or I can supply them for £10 each plus p+p. Just indicate your requirements to www.robinlaing.com

"This splendid book is necessary reading for anyone interested in whisky and song. It encapsulates Scottish folk culture and the very spirit of Scotland." CHARLES MACLEAN



Wed 19 Jan - Irvine Folk Club Golf Hotel, Irvine
20-30 Jan - Swiss Robert Burns Tour
Thu 3 Feb - Falkirk F C, The Polish Club, Arnott St, Falkirk
Fri 4 Feb - Bayfolk, Dolphin Inn, King St, Robin Hood's Bay, N Yorks
Sat 5 Feb - The White Hart, Mickleby, N Yorks
Sun 6 Feb - Guisborough F C, Rugby Club, Belmangate, Guisborough, N Yorks
11-13 Feb - Whisky Live, Japan
23 Feb- 6 Mar - German Tour
Mon 28 Mar - Glenfarg F C, Glenfarg Hotel, Glenfarg
Wed 30 Mar - Edinburgh F C, Cabaret Bar, The Pleasance, Edinburgh.
Fri 8 Apr - Black Diamond F C, the Turk's Head, Birmingham
Mon 11 Apr - Croydon F C, Ruskin Hse, 23 Coombe Rd, Croydon. croydonfolkclub@aol.com
Tue 12 Apr - Sandbach Unplugged, The George, High Street, Sandbach, Cheshire
Wed 13 Apr - Uppermill F C, Cross Keys, Uppermill, Lancs. jimfolk@btopenworld.com
Tue 26 Apr - Chapelton F C, Chapelton Inn, Chapelton, Lanarkshire
Thu 28 Apr - Black Swan F C, the Black Swan, Peasholme Green, York
Fri 29 Apr - Chase F C, Bridge Cross Club, Burntwood
30 Apr-1 May - Upton upon Severn Folk Festival
Mon 2 May - Swinton F C, White Lion, Swinton
Tue 3 May - Maghull F C, Maghull Community Ass'n, Green Lane, Maghull, M'side
Wed 4 May - Rivelin F C, Sheffield
Thu 5 May - Folk at the Wheatsheaf, Wheatsheaf Inn, Embleton, nr Cockermouth
Thu 26 May - Railway F C, Lymm, Cheshire

Kenneth MacLeod

While taking part in a songwriting initiative for the community of Edinbane on Skye I was intrigued by the story of Kenneth MacLeod, the founding father of the community. His father was apparently dispossessed of his lands by his kinsman the MacLeod chief at Dunvegan. Kenneth went to India with only one golden guinea in his pocket and made a fortune in the indigo trade. He came back and bought the family estates back and created the crofting township of Aodan Ban - now Edinbane. The gaelic name means White Face - apparently from the profusion of ox-eye daisies that grew on the slope there.

This is the tale of a Skye man
The story of Kenneth MacLeod
Born in eighteen hundred and six
To a family poor but proud
One bright coin in his pocket
One bright dream in his mind He sailed for the far land of India
Blessed with a following wind

MacLeod was a man with a mission
And the courage to carry it through
Slowly building his fortune
In fields of indigo blue
One ambition before him
Home to Skye he returned
To buy the land his father had lost
The land of the westerly wind

Blue is the colour of sadness
But with hope shining through
Blue stands for vision
And imagination too
Blue is in the distance
Of never ending space
And in wise eyes smiling
>From a white face

He made new homes for his people
Ina place they called Aodan Ban
Built the road and the houses
Carved out the crofts from the land
They ripped out rocks and bushes
Horses and ploughs came behind
And everyone worked from dawn till dark
In the sun and the westerly wind

Over the decades that followed
The township of Edinbane grew
Thanks to MacLeod and his vision
Thanks to the indigo blue
And now we plan for the future
As the village sheds its old skin
Weathering time and its tempests
In the land where the west wind begins

Blue is the colour of sadness
But with hope shining through
Blue stands for vision
And imagination too
Blue is in the distance
Of never ending space
And in wise eyes smiling
>From a white face