Robin sings many of his own songs, most written in a traditional style. He also sings traditional songs and songs by other modern writers. In a live performance you may hear more of his humorous songs than you will hear on his albums, but his album track listings give a fair indication of his current repertoire.

Edinburgh Skyline

  1. Edinburgh Skyline
  2. Burke and Hare
  3. Love is Born
  4. The Union Canal
  5. Leaving Today
  6. Icarus
  7. Ulysses
  8. Isle of Eigg
  9. Day by Day
  10. Andrew Lammie
  11. Spring Song
  12. Passing Time

Robin’s first recording. All but two of the songs are written by Robin. The two which are not are a Scots ballad, "Andrew Lammie" and "Icarus" by Anne Lister. Robin’s own songs have settings that range from Cornwall to Edinburgh and to the inner Hebrides. The dominant theme, to quote from Hamish Henderson’s sleeve notes is "a preoccupation with the transitory nature of things – with time, the passing of the seasons and the annual resurrection and rebirth which the folksong of the world celebrates". This album has two of Robin’s most frequently sung and recorded songs, "Isle of Eigg" and "Ulysses".

Walking in Time


  1. The Soldier Maid
  2. Kilbowie Hill
  3. The Summer of ’46
  4. Punters
  5. The Unquiet Grave
  6. The Lass o’ Paties Mill
  7. El Punado de Centeno/Jamie Foyers
  8. Billy Taylor
  9. The Forth Bridge Song
  10. The Loose Noose/Deacon Brodie
  11. When Two hearts Combine
  12. Lament on the death of his Second Wife
  13. Calypso’s Island
  14. Experience

This album has more of a balance between traditional songs and self-penned.

The theme of the album is the re-working of traditional and historical material. This might be new versions of old song lyrics or traditional tunes or the historical subjects of some of the songs.


The Angels’ Share


  1. More Than Just a Dram
  2. Our Glens
  3. Piper MacNeil
  4. Willie Brew’d a Peck o’ Maut
  5. The Parish o’ Dunkeld
  6. Tak Aff Your Dram
  7. Twelve and a Tanner a Bottle
  8. Whisky and Women
  9. Nancy’s Whisky
  10. The Deil’s Awa wi’ th’ Exciseman
  11. A Bottle o’ the Best
  12. John Barleycorn
  13. Tongue Discipline
  14. Tall Tale
  15. Whisky You’re the Devil
  16. Tak’ a Dram/A Wee Deoch an Dorus

This album has most of the songs (and a few short poems), from the one man show, "The Angels’ Share", devised by Robin as a light-hearted examination of the cultural side of Scotch whisky. Most of the songs are traditional, but not all! The Angels’ Share is the name given to the whisky lost through evaporation as the spirit matures for years in oak casks. Best listened to with a wee dram, but that is not compulsory.