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Gordon Bok - A Rogue\'s Gallery Of Songs For 12-String
In the hands of a master, the 12-string guitar can sing in a variety of voices, many of which are demonstrated here. As Gordon says, "play it like a backhoe and it sounds like Old Fat Boat; play Carolan's Concerto on it and it sounds like a clairseach." This recording was made over a period of two years using guitars built by Nick Apollonio, one called Adrian Primero, strung with medium gauge D'Angelico strings , and the other called Little John, strung with fire tower cable and towing wire.

McKeon's Coming, I'm a Rambler, I'm a Gambler, Thumpy, Duncan and Brady, Belemena, Marina/Bimbo de Colonello, On the Wallaby, Old Fat Boat, Ramble Away, A Most Unpleasant Way, Sir, Mist Covered Mountains/Bonnie Galway, Blackbird St. Thomas Woodworkers' Litany

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