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"Graham's sensitive guitar provides a perfect backdrop for Eileen,
a thrilling voice that could melt hearts at a hundred paces"
Mick Tems

Bandstand sleeve not available - Graham & Eileen Pratt

Bandstand with Regal Slip
Grail CD 003 - 1999 (re-issue of earlier vinyl album)

One of the finest English harmony singing records ever made

Tracks: Shepherds Arise, Gossip Jones, The Moon Shines Bright, The Hunt Is Up, Fortune My Foe, Room For Company, Agincourt Carol, Swim Sam Swim, Over The Hills And Mountains, Death Of Robin Hood, Lullay Carol, This Old World, Sweep Chim-nie Sweep, Bringing In The Sheaves

Early Birds - Graham & Eileen Pratt

Early Birds
Grail CD 002 - 1999 (re-issue of selected tracks from 2 earlier vinyl albums)

"I can offer no greater compliment than to compare Eileen's voice in a range and quality to Joan Baez at her best, but with a mobility and fluidity that is Eileen's alone". Tony Rose

Tracks: Lad Of Lovely Hair, Patapan, Lambs In The Green Hills, Miraculous Fish, The Bonny Earl Of Livingston, Last Road, Doll Thy Ale, She Moved Through The Fair, Black Fox, The Minstrel, Jealous Woman, Kerry Is No More, Silver Whistle, We Live We Love, Little Man (You’ve Had A Busy Day)

Borders of the Ocean - Graham & Eileen Pratt

Borders of the Ocean
Grail CD 001 - 1997
Each (song) is done with such loving grace and simplicity that it’s like hearing them for the first time…Octave jumps prove no obstacle for her supple voice, and she is more than equal to the mood changes the material demands…This is a recording you should go out of your way to secure. (Rob Weir, SingOut!)

Tracks: Come All You Fair And Tender Ladies, Brown Adam, Rumours, Adieu Adieu, Bonny Bunch Of Roses, Maiden Of Morven, Laily Worm, Dark Fairy Rath, Willie’s Lady, Dark-Haired Alan, Broomfield Hill, King Of The Fairies, Garton Mother’s Lullaby, Another You

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