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A Bankie Lad - an Iain Ingram Song Feature
Adam McNaughtan
Alex Campbell

Alan Bell

Allan Taylor
Alan Kelly
Alison Kinnaird

Alison McMorland

Alistair Hulett

Amplifying Acoustic Instruments


Armagh Pipers' Club
Artist formerly known as George Faux

Atholl Collection

Bill Lamey - Bringing it Back Home
Bill Whaley & Dave Flatcher
Billy Pigg - the Northumbrian Piper

Bluffers guide to Sean-Nos

Brian Howard: Uilleann Pipe Maker

Brian Peters & Gordon Tyrrall

Brian Watson
Burns the Folk Musician
Bobby Campbell

Celtic Caboodle

Cheshire Traditions

Cheshire Traditions - Roy Clinging
Christine Primrose
Christy Moore

Chris Foster
- One of the leading singers of the folk revival looks at his career and the current scene from a new perspective.
Chris While & Julie Matthews

Chris Newman & Maire Ni Chathasaigh

Cilla & Artie - The Singing Kettle


cMc - Not reaping rewards?
Colin Ross
Cowboy Celtic

Dave Webber & Anni Fentiman
Dave Webber
Deaf Shepherd
Dicky Deegan
Doc Rowe
Dougie MacLean's Real Music Bar


Flora MacNeil
Frankie Gavin
Fraser Fifield - Stretching the boundaries from pipes to sax - an insight into the work of Fraser Fifield, one time member of 'Old Blind Dogs'.

Gerry Hallom - Poems into Songs
Graeme Miles
Gypsy Reel

Harvey Andrews
Hamish Henderson

Heather Heywood
Huw & Tony Williams

Ian Bruce
In Search of Nic Jones

Jack Beck
Jennifer & Hazel Wrigley

Jez Lowe
Jim Carroll & Pat MacKenzie's Collection
John Campbell
John Conolly
John McCusker
John Kirkpatrick - the ultimate squeezer geezer

John Watt

John Warner & Margaret Walters

Johnny Collins

Jock Tamsons Bairns
June Tabor

Kate Rusby

Karl Dallas - Part 1
Karl Dallas - Part 2
Keith Donnelly

Kevin Mitchell
Kristina Olsen & Peter Grayling

Lester Simpson
Liz Doherty

Liz Carroll

Mairtin O' Connor.
Maddy Prior

Maggie MacInness

Martyn Wyndham-Read

Martin Carthy Guitar Style

Martin Carthy
Martin Carthy

Matt Seattle

Michael McGoldrick
Mike Harding
Mike Burnham

Mike Raven
Mick West
Music for Dance
Michael McGoldrick

Natalie MacMaster & Cape Breton
Niel Gow.

Nic Jones

North Cregg
North Cregg

Opinion by Karl Dallas
Opinion by Jerry Epstein
Opinion by Peggy Seege


Pat McNulty- a feature on a leading light of the 'old school' of Irish piping.
Paddy Glackin - Bothy Band fiddler, Paddy Glackin has some interesting views on the current state of traditional music.
Packie Manus Byrne
Pauline Cato & Tom McConville

Peeping Tom English Dance Band
Peter Bellamy
Pete Castle

Phil & June Colclough


Robin Laing - The Angels' Share
Robin & Barry Dransfield

Roisin White
Roy Bailey
Roy Bailey - on children's songs- Roy gives his opinions on the value of songs for children and some background to his own writing.

Sara Grey & Kieron Means - It's clearly an ongoing tradition - Sara Grey has a lot to say about the links between British and North American traditions and the music of her son, Kieron Means shows that traditions do run in the family.
Sandy Brechin
Sabine Baring-Gould
Savourna Stevenson
Sean Keane

Sheila Stewart
Show of Hands
Show of Hands -Tips of the Trade

Simon Mayer & Hillary James' USA Tour
Simon Thoumire
Simon Thoumire - Keep It Up
Song Feature - Indiana by Andy Mitchell
Steve Ashley
Steve Tilston
Step Change - news views on Traditional Dance
Sword Dancing

Taffy Thomas
Ted & Ivy Poole, Songs for the Folk?
Traditional Instruments - They don't make 'em like that any more with Archie Fisher
Traditions of Cornwall
Travelling for a Living
Traditional Music in Wales
The Ballad in Inishowen - 'Singers Circles' are nurturing the song tradition in Ireland, Inishowen has a special place in the calendar for lovers of traditionla song.

The Canadians are Coming
The Boys of the Lough - The Hand of Cathal
The Chipolatas Down Under
The Easy Club
The English Folk Dance & Song Society
The English Folk Dance & Song Society
The Gaugers
The Jew's Harp
The 'Nic Jones' Guitar Style
The Pipeline 39
The Pipeline 38
The Songs of Joan MacKenzie
The Tradition Bearers - Bob Blair
The Tannahill Weavers
The John Wright Band
The McCalmans
The Connollys of Connemara

The Songs of Joan MacKenzie
The Flowers of the Forest- background to this famous song by Steve McGrail
Tim Van Eyken
Tony Wilson & Mick Roberts
Tony McManus
The Old Rope String Band
The Kelty Clippie - Song Feature
Topical Treasurehouse
Three Ways of Being Folk

Uilleann Piping - a new dawn

Vin Garbutt

Waiting for the Bubble to Burst
Where are the young singers?
Why I Love Sidmouth Festival