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The Living Tradition had a very successful series of Summer Schools in a new venue at the West Park Centre, a University Campus in Dundee. This year there were five weeks, with each week offering a slightly different mix of activities but all with a strong folk music focus. Use the graphic below to go to our summer schools website and look at some of the photo links to get an idea of the range of activities going on.

Link to Living Tradition Summer Schools

Pete Heywood has been busy with his camera - some of his more recent photos are on his Flickr site - use the links below.

Links to Flickr photos:

Living Tradition Summer Schools, 2009 Photos from various weeks

Living Tradition Summer Schools - Trad Music & Dance Week, 2009

Living Tradition Summer Schools - Guitar Week, 2009

Living Tradition Summer Schools - Common Ground, 2009

Marymass Folk Festival, 2009

Aly Bain & Phil Cunningham

Other events:

Under One Sky - Concert by John McCusker and friends

Scots Trad Music Awards 2008

Bob Fox & Stu Luckley - 30 year celebration tour

Big Whistle Weekend - at the Bury Met

Trad Music Awards

Scots Trad Music Awards, 2007 - Fort William, Dec 1, 2007. This turned out to be a really wonderful event, great music, good company and a celebration of the vibrant traditional music scene in Scotland. Pete Heywood and Colin McNab were joined by Phil Brown and Seamus Heffernan of BBC Radio Lancashire to represent The Living Tradition. Pete was busy again with his camera - but too busy enjoying himself to get as many photos as last year. Check out a few of the photos with this link. Click here for Trad Music Awards, 2007 pictures

Buddy McMaster at Celtic Colours

Celtic Colours, 2007 - Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. Over 11 years, this festival has become one of the 'major league' celtic festivals. Claiming inspiration from The Shetland Folk Festival and Celtic Connections in Glasgow, Celtic Colours puts its own unique culture at the heart of its festival. With a huge range of events the pictures here give only a limited viewpoint, but do give a flavour of the festival. Click here for Celtic Colours 2007 pictures

Donal Shaw's 'Harvest' - click for more

Blas, 2007 - Donald Shaw's HARVEST. Tuition projects in traditional music have led to lots of music making. The Blas Festival in the Scottish Highlands is a showcase for the traditions of the Highlands. One of the main concerts at the 2007 Festival was 'Harvest' by Donald Shaw. Click here Blas HARVEST pictures

Eddie Walker at Marymass Folk Festival - click for more pictures

Marymass Folk Festival, 2007 - 40th Anniversary. This year Marymass celebrated 40 years of their folk festival which is held within the framework of a much older local community festival. It was encouraging to see so many young local musicians taking part - teaching projects, mainly centred on North Ayrshire, are clearly having an impact. Pete Heywood was there with his camera. Click here for Marymass pictures

Living Tradition Summer Schools (2007) - Vocal Week - We had a great week during vocal week and have lots of pictures that will give you a flavour of the event. Click here for Vocal Week pictures

Living Tradition Summer Schools (2007) - Piping, Traditional Music and Dance Week - This week turned out to be one when we spent time addressing some building issues, but we still had great classes, music and sessions. Click here for Piping Week pictures

Living Tradition Summer Schools (2007) - Guitar & Instrumental Week - Click here for Guitar Week pictures

Living Tradition Summer Schools (2007) - Common Ground Week - Click here for Common Ground Week pictures

Living Tradition Summer Schools - Trad Music & Dance Week, 2008

Living Tradition Summer Schools - Guitar Week, 2008

Living Tradition Summer Schools - Arts Week, 2008

Common Ground, 2008

Living Tradition Summer Schools - Music Technology Week, 2008

SEE THE LIVING TRADITION GALLERY for more event photography