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DORDAN "Ceol Na Gealai" Gael Linn CEFCD 168

Dordan, a trio of Mary Bergin, Kathleen Loughnane and Dearbhaill Standun, combines both traditional and baroque influences in its music. Using a harp, fiddle and flute / whistle line-up, the sound is amazingly full bodied. Their traditional arrangements swing with a carefree abandon while they imbue the classical flavouring with subtlety and purity of tone. "Mr O'Connor" combines the regal Carolan air with a jigtime variation, "Kitty Magee" lets fly beautifully, while "Sonatina, "The Lass O' Corries Mill" and "Boys of Portaferry" capture their unique perspective in a nutshell. Such sweet charming sounds have not passed my ears in ages making Dordan an oasis in a musical desert. "Ceol Na Gealai" translated means "Jigs to the Moon" and says nothing about the dark side. It is superb album.

John O'Regan

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This album was reviewed in Issue 9 of The Living Tradition magazine.